We have 20 years of experience in Consulting services

Headquarters Administrative office:
3rd Floor, 14 Hanover Street,
Hanover Square, London,

0044 7497 310945

Mon - Fri 8:30 a.m - 17:30 p.m
Sat 9:00 a.m - 12 p.m
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Our range of business services includes:

Orientation and informative services for investors and basic introduction into the mining sector ( e.g. purchase of licenses, raw materials, exploration consultations, industrial equipment). Brokering services for precious stones and precious metal .Trading in Gold (thus we proceed to the matching of business partner and the monitoring until the export).

Exploration and mining exploitation: With the support of technical services coming from the mining institutions in the concerned countries, we will proceed to the selection of the mining zone (it could according to the customer be gold-bearing, diamondiferous).

Monitoring of the administrative documents by the mining institution, recruitment of geologist and mining engineer for the first geogical reconnaissance of the selected zone, the boundary marking of the zone, the geochemical prospecting and the analysis of first samples.

Furthermore our EHTCA Marketing Department can provide market prospecting to suite your needs and requests internationaly.

Who We Are

At EHTCA Consulting Group Ltd. our aim is to be the supplier of choice in all the industrial sectors we serve. As an innovative and fast-growing organization, based in London with an international network of experts, partners and subsidiaries, to support and conduct our consultancy and project management worldwide in the industry and Service. Our highly skilled team enable us to deliver solutions to the most demanding operational and technical challenges faced by our customers around the world.

On land, Ehtca Consulting Group is increasingly a supplier of choice to the construction and transportation sectors, providing specialist knowledge, skills and capabilities in the most safety-critical of engineering environments.