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Services & Maintenance overview

Owners Representatives

The owner's rep manages the day-to-day work of all the entities involved on a project, while you, the owner, retain all the decision making authority, and all the contractual relationships flow back to you.

To secure professional support and strive to achieve customer satisfaction we operate with a 24/7 service. Technical and operational support can be provided through a team of technical customer expeditors and a large number of highly skilled service engineers. Complex troubleshooting and engineering capacity are supported by a team of senior engineers covering all applicable disciplines, i.e. mechanical, hydraulic, electro, instrumentation, control system, software, structural and calculation. All customer services are on a global basis.

Each and every offshore installation has its own unique requirements, both in terms of physical handling and in terms of dealing with documentary and governmental requirements. Ehtca Consulting Group Ltd is at hand to implement all associated services to Rigs and FPSOs around the world.

Our scope of services on rigs and FPSO includes:

  • Asset Integrity Management Services.
  • Process Equipment Base Line Surveys & Condition Monitoring.
  • Lifting Equipment Testing & Inspection.
  • Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Service.
  • Project Management.
  • Consultancy Services.
  • Equipment supplies and maintenance.
  • Boat hire services.
  • Provision and stores supplies.

In addition to the aforementioned services on key components of the FPSO, other services such as hull surveys & inspections and hazardous area & electrical surveys are also provided upon request from clients.

Ehtca Consulting Group Ltd, support owners and operators in maximizing the value of their assets, by working together in the implementation and undertaking of successful IMR strategies on the key components of an FPSO.

Who We Are

At EHTCA Consulting Group Ltd. our aim is to be the supplier of choice in all the industrial sectors we serve. As an innovative and fast-growing organization, based in London with an international network of experts, partners and subsidiaries, to support and conduct our consultancy and project management worldwide in the industry and Service. Our highly skilled team enable us to deliver solutions to the most demanding operational and technical challenges faced by our customers around the world.

On land, Ehtca Consulting Group is increasingly a supplier of choice to the construction and transportation sectors, providing specialist knowledge, skills and capabilities in the most safety-critical of engineering environments.